What to see in Cotswolds

Do you know Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, David Beckham or Kate Moss? They are belong to celebrities who live in Cotswolds which is part of England. We didn’t follow them, however we visit Cotswolds twice. Below, you can find some tips and itineraries of our trips. In both cases, we started our trip from Oxford.

Day 1: Kingham-Blockley-Broadway-Tower-Upper Slaughter

First place which we visit was lovely village Kingham. We found out that on the street everybody say ‚Morning’ to us 🙂 There is such a lot this kind of villages in Cotswolds. Most of them is worth to visit, just to see how lovely they are and take a walk there. You can find on the internet a lot of website where these villages are ranked and compared. Actually, I think that many of them are similar so you don’t need to visit every one. If you don’t have a lot of time you should choose smaller ones, as mostly, they are more lovely. However in the bigger ones, you can find some Bangsy graffiti. By chance, we saw one of his artwork. Anyway, Kingham is worth to visit as well as Blockey which was next point in our itinerary. If you don’t plan to spend more time in these villages, you will spend in each village around 20-30 minutes, including time for pictures 🙂


Next part of our trip was Broadway. This village is bigger and more tourist than Kingham and Blockley. We chose this place as there was beggining of trail to Broadway Tower. This is circular path which you can start from Broadway as well from Tower. In both places are car parks which cost around 3-5 pounds, depends on time. You should remember to have coins as it is the only possibility to pay.

Some of paths which are available in Cotswolds are described here, maps are also presented. The trail which we chose for Broadway Tower Country Park. This is easy path with lot beautiful spots on way. You can drive attention to deer which are close to Tower, especially those who try to climb on the trees 😉

To not be lost in Cotswolds you should always choose path signed with picture of acorn and „Cotswolds Way”. It is important due to in England are a lot of „Public Paths” and not always it is path which you need to choose. When we were coming back from Tower we also chose wrong „Public Path”. Some time after this path was leading into shooting area, so we went in another direction, outside this path. We had only google maps with GPS which wasn’t working good in this area. However, we saw really interesting mansions, particularly The Octagon one. We also crossed fields with sheeps and found the lost rural settlement, which not exists on the map. In the barn we saw the  fridge and when we were leaving faded red pick-up passed us. The mood was almost like in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. But don’t worry! If you will hit the trail and follow the acorn, you will not see this gloomy place.

Due to nobody killed us, we could go to the next village which has charming name – Upper Slaughter. Fortunately, this village is really more lovely than the name. I also think that it was the most beautiful village which we saw so far.


Dzień 2: Dursley-Tyndale Monument-Bibury

During our second trip to Cotswolds, we intended to walk path which has start in Dursley. The map is available here. If you reach to Dursley by car you can park on May Lane Car Park which is for free and the toilet is available. The map is not very precise, but still you need to follow „Cotswolds Way” path signed with acorn. Firstly we went up the hill and reach the golf club. From there we went down and walk to the direction of North Nibley.  During this way we found something unusual i.e. water for tourist in the fridge. It wasn’t free water, however the price was almost the same like in the shop. Finally, we reached to the  Tyndale Monument. It is possible to go up this tower and the donation is optional.  When we were coming back we again lost the trail which wasn’t marked there very good. But we chose good direction in the forest and found Cotswold Way road and then the place which is on map as Mason E A & Son. From this we could easily come back to the trail, however we met cyclist who told us that it would be better if we choose Cotswolds Way road and come back to the trail on junction of Cotswold Way and Park Ln. The last stage of this path is coming back to hill with golf club and walk around. At the beginning of this circle you can also find nice view point.

After this trail we visit Bibury which was described as a most beautiful village in England by William Morris who live in XIX century and was versatile artist, inter alia, painter, architect and writer. Indeed, this is very lovely and charming village, similarly as Upper Slaughter. For us it was end of this day and we come back to the Oxford. But if you want to see something more, you can also visit Bourton-on-the-Water. It is another lovely village, which lay close to Bibury and is described as a Cotswolds Venice.




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